TRC is a leading international recreation, tourism and planning consulting firm based in Australia and New Zealand. The TRC team, led by Director Janet Mackay, has been working in the fields of tourism, recreation, conservation and culture for over 25 years.

The TRC team is made up of in-house consultants and support staff based in Australia and New Zealand, with a pool of Associate Consultants strategically located around the world. Our team members have a range of backgrounds including park management, recreational planning, tourism and commercial development, marketing, economics, travel and cruise trade experience and project management.

TRC specialise in recreational trails projects for mountain biking, walking, running, horse riding and aquatic trails; tourism planning, destination management and development; product and experience development and feasibility studies; indigenous tourism, planning and business support; and accommodation sector analysis.

TRC is renowned for their significant experience, out-of-the-box thinking, and passion for the tourism and recreation sector. TRC offer a professional, holistic approach with innovative, creative thinking to provide integrated solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

TRC clients include both country and local governments, private investors, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community groups and international development agencies.

TRC Sustainability Commitment 

TRC Tourism is committed to tourism that contributes positively to society. We believe tourism can be a driver of positive change and has the power to contribute towards global sustainable development goals.

Every tourism destination relies on a well-functional society, a healthy environment and a stable economy. Our vision is to create outstanding destinations that create value for residents and visitors, empower women, alleviate poverty and protect the natural and cultural assets upon which the tourism industry depends.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the overarching framework that shape, steer and communicate our work both in the advice we give to our clients and in the way we conduct our business. These 17 goals aim to advance global development in a way that creates better lives for the people of the world without causing damage to the environment, to other people or to civic institutions. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council framework for sustainable tourism also guides our work.

TRC Tourism will provide solutions for our clients which maximise benefits against the SDGs and enhance their community and environment.

TRC Tourism, as an organisation, consumes resources on account of its daily operation and procurement. We strive to incorporate sustainability practices into all our business operations and actions. As a consumer we are responsible for reducing negative environmental impacts.

As an employer, we are responsible for contributing to a socially conscious labour market and creating a culture in the organisation where sustainability considerations are naturally incorporated into every project.

TRC will share information about our projects that address the SDGs via the sdgs.org.au platform.

Meet Janet and the team behind TRC Tourism

Meet the team
Meet the team

Download the TRC Tourism Corporate Profile

TRC Tourism Corporate Profile
TRC Tourism Corporate Profile

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TRC Tourism Japan Corporate Profile
TRC Tourism Japan Corporate Profile

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