Get to know the award-winning TRC team. Spread globally, our consultants, associates and partners are all willing to help you with your tourism requirements.


Janet Mackay
Janet MackayDirector | Australia & New Zealand
Chris Rose
Chris RoseConsultant | Melbourne, Australia
Chris Halstead
Chris HalsteadConsultant | Adelaide, Australia
Alistair Henchman
Alistair HenchmanConsultant | Canberra, Australia
Penny Spoelder
Penny SpoelderConsultant | Canberra, Australia
Chris Ord
Chris OrdConsultant | Melbourne, Australia
Tracey Diddams
Tracey DiddamsConsultant | Keep River National Park, Australia
Penny McLennan
Penny McLennanConsultant | Jindabyne, Australia
Dr Sara Currie
Dr Sara CurrieConsultant | Darwin, Australia
Anna Baelz-Stead
Anna Baelz-SteadConsultant | Adelaide, Australia
Lee Brulisauer
Lee BrulisauerConsultant | Jindabyne, Australia
Judy Dixon
Judy Dixon Consultant | Mansfield, Australia
Lisa Cheeseman
Lisa CheesemanConsultant | Coffs Harbour, Australia
Jo Davis
Jo DavisBusiness Manager | Australia
Clint Wright
Clint WrightSpecialist Partner | Australia
Michael Connell
Michael ConnellSpecialist Partner | Australia

New Zealand

Tracy Johnston | Consultant
Tracy Johnston | Consultant Marlborough, New Zealand
Debby van der Scheer | Consultant
Debby van der Scheer | ConsultantRaglan, New Zealand
Ray Salter
Ray SalterConsultant | Wellington, New Zealand
Kylie Ruwhiu-Karawana
Kylie Ruwhiu-KarawanaConsultant | Dunedin, New Zealand
Donna Graf
Donna GrafBusiness Manager | New Zealand


Lisa Choegyal
Lisa ChoegyalAssociate | Nepal

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