Wellington Caves Finds

TRC team members Alistair Henchman and Emma Knezevic visited Wellington Caves this week to meet with enthusiastic and committed stakeholders from the Wellington Caves Advisory Group and caves guides and staff as part of the process of developing the Wellington Caves Master Plan. Following the meetings they presented the initial site analysis and insight report into target markets and opportunities to senior officers from Dubbo Regional Council, giving an overview of stakeholder input, and proposed directions for the master plan. The Wellington Caves Master Plan will guide the rejuvenation of the visitor experience at the Wellington Caves complex and the associated holiday park to position the caves as a “must do” destination in the central west of NSW.

 The image shows a model of a Diprotodon skeleton on display at the Caves. The Diprotodon was the largest marsupial that ever lived and was first discovered at Wellington Caves.

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