A tourism health-check is an ideal way to identify the opportunities and challenges for your destination.

TRC Tourism will work with your destination to analyse your:

- Visitor profile: an analysis to understand who’s visiting your destination, when and why.

- Visitor satisfaction: a check in on the satisfaction of current visitors with your offering, and the likely satisfaction of future visitors.

- Tourism offer: a review and recommendations for development of your tourism offer across attractions, products, events, accommodation, way-finding and signage, visitor centres and associated infrastructure.

- Visitor Centre economic impact – an assessment of the return on investment from your visitors centre/s and how to best engage in the digital age.

- Tourism impact: an analysis of the economic, social and environmental impacts of tourism within your destination to assist in planning and business case development.

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TRC is a leading international tourism, recreation and conservation consulting business. For over 25 years, we have engaged with businesses, governments and communities to enhance people's lives and the places they live through sustainable tourism, recreation and conservation development.

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