Mistake Number 1: If some trails are good, more trails are better. Right?

Wrong. This is a common mistake, especially where enthusiastic local volunteers are driving trail development – of course locals are always keen for new and exciting trails. For a trails destination though, quality (the mix of trail grades and types) is just as important as quantity, and it can be a tricky thing to get right. For trails to attract visitors they need to provide the right experience. So you need to know exactly what your market wants and provide trails that match that need. Seems obvious, but it isn’t always!

Mistake Number 2: Build trails first, worry about maintaining them later.

We’re an enthusiastic lot us trail lovers, and sometimes that enthusiasm can get the better of us. But you need a plan, because a lot of badly maintained, dangerous trails are good for no-one. Some work needs to be done to figure out how you are going to fund long term trail maintenance, and how decisions are going to be made about trails in the long term, before you start laying down another sweet single track. You might have to slow down and make sure the due diligence is done first – boring, isn’t it?

Mistake Number 3: World Class Trails! Everywhere………

The distance people are prepared to travel for a trails based trip is proportionate to the quality and quantity of trails in a destination, but not every trail can be the world’s best. Some trails are just great local trails, and trying to market them as world class is a mistake, riders and walkers are a savvy bunch and they just won’t buy it. Be realistic about your product; some trails are just great local trails, and that’s OK!

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