Sustainable Tourism is the hottest new buzz word. Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the impact of tourism and many seek a ‘nature-based tourism’, ‘ecotourism’ or ‘cultural tourism’ experience, all which fall under the Sustainable Tourism banner. Sustainable Tourism is defined as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveller, cultural heritage and the environment”. TRC has over recent years developed a Responsible Tourism Plan with the Niuean government. Penny Spoelder, TRC Sustainable Tourism Specialist, is currently in the beautiful South Pacific island of Niue working with the tourism industry on initiatives that will lead to recognition of the nation as one of the world’s leading sustainable destinations. Yesterday Penny presented to the South Pacific Tourism Organisation and its 19 member nations on the pathway to sustainable tourism for Niue and the opportunity for a Pacific wide framework that is recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. “A regional framework would provide support and consistency on the journey toward sustainable tourism and would allow each destination to take steps in its own time and own way. The framework would have specific content developed by each nation to suit their needs when they want it” says Penny. We look forward to the development of this plan and commend Niue on working towards becoming a leading sustainable destination.