We were thrilled to win this award; we all know TRC is a fabulous place to work, but we’re very happy that everyone else now knows it too. So how did TRC manage to beat 12 other finalists to take out this state award?
By definition, an Employer of Choice is one that maximises the full potential of their workforce through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.
At TRC Tourism, we believe it is simpler than that. We believe being an employer of choice means running a business that is a great place to work. That means the best employees will choose to work for us. We think our team absolutely demonstrates this is true.
TRC’s workplace culture is all about working hard and having fun. It’s busy but never boring! Our company mission is to enrich people’s lives and the places they live through tourism so we know that what we are doing is making a difference – we see it every day in the work that we do. Wanting to make the world a better place lays the foundation for a positive work culture.
TRC working arrangements offer staff true flexibility in terms of how many hours they work, where they work from and what projects they work on. We have full time consultants who travel the world, work from home parents who fit in project writing during school hours, part time workers who combine their love of travel with work meetings in Vietnam, Iceland or maybe a pacific island. There is no one way of working for TRC; each employee works out what model enables them to be their most productive and this is what has the best outcomes for our clients.
Other factors contributing to our success were our regular reviews of employment arrangements, job satisfaction and salary, professional development and training programs for the whole company keeping everyone up to date on the latest thinking and approaches in our areas of work, flexible leave arrangements, and a company ethos that genuinely balances work and family. Our high staff retention, inclusive employment practices that go beyond regulatory requirements and an agile company structure that allows our consultants’ careers to develop in the way they want them to also supported our application.