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1. Tourism Health Check

Make an appointment with Dr TRC and walk away with a prescription for valuable tourism investments. The check-up involves a look at your destination from a global best practice perspective; analysing visitor profiles and their satisfaction levels, the tourism offer, visitor centre economic impact, stakeholder perceptions, as well as governance and tourism delivery.

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2. Visitor Centre Value Review

Put the spotlight on your visitor centre and prepare it for centre stage with our Visitor Centre Value Review. Products include performance reviews, facilitating workshops to explore new ways to improve operations and services, developing business plans for improved operations, and training staff in visitor engagement techniques.

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3. On Track for Trails Success

Trail-based activities are all the rage these days, and users are expecting more from their experiences. Our On Track for Trails Success products include reviews of your current trails, feasibility studies and business case development, strategic planning, as well as advice on the ongoing management of your trails. TRC are the perfect partner for ensuring your trails – both new and existing – are on the right track.

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4. Destination Accommodation Analysis

How does your destination perform when it comes to its ‘homes away from home’? Find out if your accommodation mix is the right one with our Destination Accommodation Analysis. We’ll review the current supply, assess future demand, identify the gaps, review the impact of global trends and issues, and develop business cases for new accommodation investment proposals.

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5. Power up your Parks

When it comes to recreation and conservation parks, it’s not enough to let nature take its course. We’ll help land managers provide the engaging experiences and quality facilities your visitors are demanding. Our Power up your Parks products include the development of best practice park management plans, visitor strategies, site planning, as well as evaluation and performance mechanisms.

Each of these product packages can stand alone as a complete project, or implemented together as part of a larger project. Get in touch to discuss your situation and we can customise a solution to suit you and your budget.

So don’t spend any more time guessing what may work for your destination or experiences; partner with TRC Tourism and gain the insights you need to shift the needle in 2017.

Contact the TRC team and we'll customise a package to suit your needs.

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1. How healthy is your tourism offering?

2. Is your visitor centre set for centre stage?

3. If your destination a trailblazer?

4. Is your accommodation sector ready to grow?

5. How are your parks performing?

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