TRC’s original specialty was in sustainable management of the interface between conservation and development. This remains the mainstay of much of our work. We are passionate about the protection of the world’s natural and cultural heritage; planning for quality, sustainable visitor experiences in these special places; and assisting communities to benefit from protected areas.

The TRC team has a long history of working alongside park managers and community stakeholders to provide effective, best practice planning, management, recreation and business solutions. We offer innovative approaches backed up with solid research to address community concerns and aspirations. Our plans aim to encourage community stewardship of parks and contain mechanisms for community and public/private partnerships to assist management, conservation, resourcing and delivery of quality visitor experiences. Mechanisms of best practice adaptive management through monitoring and performance indicators.

We have planned for management and tourism in protected and other natural and cultural heritage places throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. Many of our tourism and trail plans are located in protected and other natural areas. Our experience includes planning for parks and reserves in or near urban areas, popular national parks, remote areas, joint management parks, large natural/cultural landscapes of multiple parks and World Heritage Areas.

We regularly work with developers, government agencies (councils, departments, land managers, international donors), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other groups to help them make decisions involving the use of natural and cultural resources. In addition, we assist agencies and park managers make decisions on, develop public-private sector partnerships and manage investment (such as accommodation, commercial products and concessions) that is compatible with a protected area, enhances public enjoyment and contributes to park revenue and opportunities for local communities.


  • Park management plans

  • Visitor management and recreation planning

  • Master plans and site planning

  • State-wide park visitor strategies

  • Planning for World Heritage Areas

  • Urban open space planning

  • Visitor monitoring

  • Commercial business assessment

  • Staff training

  • Organizational change and operational reviews

  • Preparation and delivery of expert evidence for planning hearings

  • Planning investigations

  • Technical audits of third-party reports

  • Evaluation of conservation projects

  • Stakeholder and community engagement

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