Our team works extensively on all aspects of trails planning including mountain bike strategies, iconic multi day walk product development, trails master plans and feasibility studies, integrated regional trails strategies, cycleway planning, rail trails, drive trails as well assessment of the economic benefits of trail development.

With increasing investment in trail infrastructure globally, trail upgrades and new products need to be competitive to attract visitors, make a return on investment and generate economic and employment opportunities in a region.  We are experienced in planning for all the features of successful — the right products, distinctive market positioning, quality infrastructure, support services and workable management and investment arrangements.

Many of our projects have been successful in attracting grant funding and we have also assisted in developing governance and funding models for the sustainable future of trail projects.This includes several million dollars in funding for mountain biking trails near Derby in north east Tasmania for which TRC developed a feasibility assessment and concept plan in 2013. Now opened (or under construction) these new facilities have already attracted numerous visitors and a major competition.

Video Case Study of TRC Working on the Kokoda Trail 

Our services include

  • Strategic recreational trail planning – including for walking, cycling, shared and mountain biking trails; rail trails; drive trails

  • Trail destination planning

  • Multi-day trail experience planning

  • Feasibility assessment of trail proposals

  • Trail concept plans and master plans

  • Cycleway planning

  • Economic assessment of the benefits of trail development

  • Advice on trail governance and investment models

  • Stakeholder and community engagement

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