Craig Harper

Craig Harper

NZ Builder, Dad and Amateur Cyclist

Craig Harper is preparing to take on an endurance solo bike race that’s billed as the toughest in the world. The Sustainable Trails Conference is only two months before Craig begins the Race Across America – a gruelling non-stop race that pits the world’s top solo endurance cyclists against each other, crossing 12 states along a 3,000 mile (4,828km) route from America’s west to east coasts and with a total climb of 175,000 feet (53km).

Lou Sanson

Lou Sanson

Director, the Department of Conservation

Lou Sanson was appointed as Director-General of the Department of Conservation in September 2013, after 11 years as Chief Executive of Antarctica New Zealand – responsible for developing, managing, and executing New Zealand’s activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. The Department of Conservation is responsible for managing 8.5 million hectares of public land (approximately 30% of New Zealand’s landmass) and 34 marine reserves.


Charlotte Prouse

Charlotte Prouse

Director, Destination Marketing Store

Charlotte has been in working with destinations, places and precincts to create and implement great destination brands and marketing plans for the last 20 years. She has taken destination branding and marketing beyond the traditional tourism promotional activities and has applied innovative thinking to help a destination or place realise their potential. Charlotte has worked extensively in regional tourism in Australia and New Zealand as well as in the Pacific region. Charlotte has also worked with Tourism Australia on many projects since 2005.

Suky Thompson

Manager, Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust

Suky Thompson specialises in heritage, recreation and sustainable development on Banks Peninsula. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management from Lincoln University, runs a heritage guiding business and has managed the Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust since 2011, shortly after its inception. The Trust has a vision to develop environmental guardians of the future through improved public walking and biking access, enhancing biodiversity and promoting knowledge of the area.

Andrew McEvoy

Andrew McEvoy

Chair, Great Walks of Australia

Mr Andrew McEvoy, former MD of Tourism Australia is now the Chair of Great Walks of Australia. Andrew brings with him more than 20 years of experience in travel, tourism, events and marketing. In a previous role as Managing Director of Tourism Australia (2010-2014), he established the Best of Australia program, now know as Signature Experiences of Australia – of which Great Walks of Australia is one of the seven collectives in the group.

Ian Balme

Ian Balme

Founder, Forgotten World Adventures

It’s been nearly 8 years since Ian Balme recognised the gem that the Forgotten World Rail Line was. In fact, it is his love for the outdoors, the people of New Zealand and preservation of its history that fueled his inspiration to launch what is today known as Forgotten World Adventures. Being a farmer and dedicated entrepreneur, this former Waikato Regional Councilor saw the scenery before him and it was a raw and untouched beauty.

Jonathan Kennett

Kennett Brothers

The Kennett Brothers (Jonathan, Paul and Simon) collaborate on a range of cycling related projects. They are currently focused on optimising the public use and enjoyment of cycle trails and mountain bike tracks throughout New Zealand. To achieve this they are writing and publishing guidebooks and articles on cycling.

Jonathan graduated from Victoria University with a BSc majoring plant ecology in 1989. At university he developed a love of exploring then outdoors, by foot, bicycle, kayak, tube, rope, etc. After cycle touring overseas in 1990 he co-authored the first edition of Class New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides. An eclectic array of outdoors related work has followed ever since.

Leasa Carlyon

Wellington Trails Framework

Leasa Carlyon provides a lay perspective for the committee, she is in her second year of her first term and has been involved with the strategy and 3R Award fundraising. Leasa lives in Wellington and is presently working for Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency as the Trails Framework Advisor. She is an Accredited Restorative Justice Facilitator at Community Law Wellington and Hutt Valley and is also a Judicial Justice of the Peace presiding in the Wellington and Porirua District Courts for infringements, bail hearings, police lists, traffic offences for minor offences and arrest courts.

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