The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) manages the global standards for sustainable travel and tourism; and provides international accreditation for sustainable tourism Certification Bodies.

As GSTC members TRC works with destinations and organisations to develop their understanding and implementation of the sustainable tourism and how it can be used as a vehicle to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). TRC is proud to support the GSTC by being a member, and look forward to joining the network for another important year.

We work with nations, destinations and the private sector to help them address the GSTC criteria for sustainable tourism. Our recent work with Niue resulted in Niue becoming one of the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the policy context for tourism in the Pacific. Looking beyond the immediate challenge to minimise the negative impacts of the crisis, foster safe travel, and support a sustainable recovery, the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and its members are now exploring the opportunity to fast track the move to greener, more sustainable tourism.

TRC is proud to be working with these nations to develop the first Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework.

“Sustainable means to continue to function and thrive in perpetuity, through all types of conditions. This pandemic can serve as a moment in time when all of us step back and ponder our long-term goals and how to apply the principles and practices that allow us as organizations — and even as individuals and families — to sustain happy, healthy, and purposeful lives.” Emi Kaiwa, Membership Coordinator, Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)