TRC is supporting the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Tourism Working Group (TWG) with expertise at an upcoming Workshop to be held in Manila.

The Tourism Ministers from the APEC countries adopted a resolution in 2016 that “…tourism is a fundamental sector for achieving inclusive growth when it makes responsible use of environmental resources, respecting the authenticity of host communities and equitably distributing socio-economic benefits within the destinations. We encourage the TWG to pursue work that supports sustainable tourism development in the region.”

The TWG is running a workshop in Manila from 10 to 11 October to determine the Prospects for Sustainable Development of Tourism in Remote Areas of APEC and Chris Rose, a Senior Associate of TRC will be attending as a regional expert drawing on TRC’s expertise in remote area tourism experience development, including working with Aboriginal Communities.

Working alongside experts from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Russia, the workshop aims to help improve the knowledge of remote area characteristics and to develop recommendations for APEC economies about ways of promoting tourism opportunities.