Over the last week Niue Tourism has taken to the road to visit villages around the island to update residents about this growing industry sector and discuss emerging business opportunities. Felicity Bollen, CEO of Niue Tourism (pictured) gave an update on tourism growth over the last year and future plans for the sector. Carolyn Deuchar of the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute gave a briefing on the ongoing International Visitor Survey which reveals the positive attitude of visitors to their experience on the island. She also informed villages of the intention to conduct a community attitudes survey to be conducted in peak tourist season next July.

Alistair Henchman of TRC Tourism (also pictured) spoke about TRC’s recent study of carrying capacity and the options for managing increasing numbers of flights to Niue. Richard and Gendie Somerville-Ryan informed villages of their work towards applying for Niue to become a Dark Sky Sanctuary and the potential opportunities for specialised tours to explore the heavens above Niue. Rae Finlay of the Niue Chamber of Commerce spoke of recent and planned work by the Chamber to support tourism businesses.

Villages expressed their appreciation of the briefings and were excited about the potential opportunities to be involved in new initiatives.


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